Why Cowboys KaVontae Turpin is basically a lock to build a list of 53 men

CeeDee Lamb is Cowboys in Dallas‘ number. 1 wide receiver. That title was cemented in stone after the team replaced Amari Cooper this off-season. Being the best dog also means that the team has to prioritize his health a little more and rid him of the responsibilities of return shooting. Considering the team’s back-up bettor, Cedric Wilson Jr., has vacated the building, the Cowboys suddenly find themselves without a gambler’s return.

That was until the team signed USFL MVP KaVontae Turpin.

At 5’9″, 158 pounds, Turpin led the New Jersey Generals to a league best 9-1 record before bouncing back in the playoff semifinals. Turpin led the USFL for 540 yards thanks to a 316-yard collect after a catch. Four of his catches went for touchdowns. His value extended beyond just being a passing player as Turpin also scored touchdowns on kick backs as well as kickbacks.

Turbine is a very skilled comeback guy. He has elegant feet that provide him the surprise of changing direction on a whim. He has excellent field vision, and when he finds a crease, he has that extra gear to beat potential competitors. Turpin is an electric player and now he’s trying to keep something good with the Cowboys.

The team signed Turbine to a three-year low-cost deal, but he’s just one man among many trying to earn a spot on the team. The receiving group includes a lot of young players trying to fill in the blanks left by the departing players with Turbine being one of them. While the super fast plus USFL receiving leader has a nice oomph, it will be his ability to come back that has the best chance of punching his ticket on the list. And right now, he’s the guy who was Turbine handling all of the punctuation back in Thursday’s training. Galen Tolbert is the man we could see taking on comeback duties this year, but even putting him at risk may not be ideal now given that he is expected to have a bigger role with Michael Gallop absent from the first part of the season.

With limited competition surrounding him in camp, Turbine is well placed to make the team. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s making himself a good camp yet. He hasn’t been with the team for long, but He really shines the skills that made him so impressive in the USFL. It blows The team’s fastest running cornerhe makes Holds the back shoulderputs His transformation is noticeable on the screen In back-punching exercises. for him The movement of the feet in the exercises is very impressive Until now. Everything that he proves in practice so far proves the correctness of the player he is, a dynamic playmaker as soon as he catches the ball in his hands.

Turbine didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Similar to the acquisition of Bryan Anger a year ago, special teams coach John Vasell has been keeping an eye on him for a while.

Vasl already praised the team’s new weapon, saying that it is Very excited to have Turbine on the team and has great aspirations for him.

Every year around this time we get excited about some new wide receivers, and this year is no different. Players like TJ Vasher and Dennis Houston are flashing moments in camp to where we think they’d make a legitimate push for a spot on the roster. While anything is possible, a recipient who can contribute to special teams will have a leg up on others. Turpin has all the right things working in his favour. He’s the team’s main revenue at the moment and that’s unlikely to change. They are finding ways to engage him with short passes over the middle, so they clearly have a plan for him.

It might be wise to tap the brakes with some of these other guys, but with Turpin, he’s almost certain to find his way into this Cowboys soccer team. Looking back 10 days ago, none of us were even thinking about this guy, it says a lot about what he did to make such a strong impression in such a short time. Speed ​​is an amazing thing, and this guy got it.