Video evidence mounts that Braxton Jones is real

Easily more surprise Chicago Bears The training camp is Braxton Jones. until Justin Fields And his other fellow attackers are still garnering attention, and people keep noticing the big 70’s sitting there on the left starting point. All thought the starter’s fifth-round pick was nothing more than a short experience during OTAs and mini camps. They quickly discover that the coaching staff was not joking. They are serious about this.

People were reluctant to believe it. Teams don’t entrust the blind side of quarterbacks to beginners. Not unless she chooses the first round. There’s no way Jones could make such a strong impression, right? It might be time to believe it based on how Luke Getsy talked about it after Friday practice.

“I think Braxton was a guy who was obviously a super athletic kid that we were excited about after the spring ball. Then the pads come in, and there’s no intimidation. I mean, you’re going to face Robert Quinn for the first time on your swipe. That’s scary, he’s come forward and he’s done a great job.” He answered the bell.”

Even the notoriously pessimistic Bears media are starting to see it.

Visual clues are also starting to appear. Fans who attended training captured a few exciting moments as Jones showcased his talent. The first came during a full-fledged team maneuver where the rookie was left in space against the defensive side Al-Kaden Muhammad. Remember, this is a proven veteran who had six sacks last season for the Colts. Jones stops him, allowing Justin Fields to find Byron Pringle for the first time.

Later in practice, Jones did some work in theatrical running. He earned a good standing away, kicking Mohammed out of the driveway and allowing David Montgomery enough room for a fun ride.

Braxton Jones is on the cusp of a very rare achievement.

The bears likely feel it has the potential to become a left-handed intervention at first. No one expected it to come so quickly. Then again, it becomes easier to accept when listening to the young man’s talk. He is soft spoken and gentle. High intelligence is evident. Combine that with his excellent size and long arms as well as athleticism; These are all the building blocks needed to tackle a successful NFL Left.

There is no one to tell us what will happen from this situation. It’s rare for interventions to be big hits outside of the first two rounds of the draft. Then again, the Bears already had one with Charles Leno. Green Bay Packers have David Bakhtiari. It was the fourth choice. So turning Braxton Jones into a lover isn’t crazy. He will have to prove it in the field. That first chance comes on August 13th against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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