The Dodgers dominate, but they are not guaranteed to win the World Championship

slow down the rolling of the Dodgers; Anything can happen in the post season.picture: AP The 2022 Dodgers might be the most dominant regular season team we’ve ever seen. And they have a chance to solidify it. I know the Dodgers have been here before. They had the best record in baseball in 2017 and … Read more

Philadelphia Phillies JT Realmoto is the best catcher in Major League Baseball again

When Velez signed JT Realmuto to a five-year, $115 million contract in 2021, it was with the assumption that the 30-year-old catcher would be as much strength on the plate as he would be behind him – but that’s a far cry from that. The case is at the start of the 2022 season. Realmuto, … Read more

The Atlanta Braves acquired Jake Odorizzi of the Houston Astros in the trade

ATLANTA – The world champions Atlanta Braves bolstered their core team ahead of Tuesday’s trading deadline by shedding a loyalist who played a big role in their 2021 title. In preparation for another round after the season ends, the former Braves get closer will Smith To the Houston Astros to get the right hand Jake … Read more