Kyle Schwarber may miss the entire Mets series due to calf fatigue

This weekend could be the biggest streak of the year for the Phils, even though they are already faltering in their showdown against the Mets. While the Phillies witnessed their seven-game winning streak in the 3-0 loss to the Marlins on Thursday, they also had to watch Kyle Schwarber come out injured in the fifth … Read more

Rose dismisses sexual misconduct questions at Phillies fete

PHILADELPHIA (Associated Press) – Pete Rose dismissed questions Sunday about his first on-field appearance in Philadelphia since the franchise canceled plans in 2017 to honor him over a woman’s claim that she had a sexual relationship with the baseball bats king when she was a minor. “That was 55 years ago, my dear,” Rose told … Read more

Pete Rose dismisses questions about statutory rape allegations in return to Philadelphia: ‘That was 55 years ago, baby’

CNN – Major League BaseballAll-time hits leader Pete Rose is back on the field in Philadelphia for the first time since receiving a life ban from baseball in 1989. On Sunday, the 81-year-old was part of the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies World Championship team celebration at Citizens Bank Park where he received a standing ovation. The … Read more

Pete Rose dismisses sexual misconduct questions at Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia – Pete Rose declined questions Sunday about his first on-field appearance in Philadelphia since the series canceled plans to honor him in 2017 over a woman’s claim that she had an affair with the baseball bats king when she was a minor. “That was 55 years ago, my dear,” Rose told a baseball columnist … Read more

Philadelphia Phillies JT Realmoto is the best catcher in Major League Baseball again

When Velez signed JT Realmuto to a five-year, $115 million contract in 2021, it was with the assumption that the 30-year-old catcher would be as much strength on the plate as he would be behind him – but that’s a far cry from that. The case is at the start of the 2022 season. Realmuto, … Read more

Philadelphia Phillies were wise to maintain these expectations, Raphael Marchand, Simon Museotti, Nick Matton

This year it was showcased in an amazing way: Farm systems can be made or broken by the major league trade deadline. The San Diego Padres have shipped the majority of their top talent, albeit to the greatest hitters of this generation, and are now left with a structure from the system that probably ranks … Read more

Preferences on MLB Trading Deadlines: Weirdest Trades, Most Developed Teams, GMs Who Shine and More

Have you caught your breath yet? This trade deadline did not disappoint. We waited and waited and waited for the moves, and then they came fast and furious. numberIf the dust settles on the 2022 trade deadline and I share it My scores for all 30 teamsLet’s have fun with some deadline superlatives. So here … Read more

Philadelphia Phillies got Noah Sendergaard, Brandon Marsh of the Los Angeles Angels, and David Robertson of the Chicago Cubs

CHICAGO – Philadelphia Phillies acquired the right hand Noah SendergaardVeteran, loyal David Robertson middle fielder Brandon March In three trades on Tuesday. Phillies sent young players into the league Mickey Monyak And the Jadel Sanchez To the Los Angeles Angels for Syndergaard, who returned to NL East after spending his first six seasons with the … Read more

Noah Syndergaard wins Phillies debut at rain shortening start

Philadelphia — Noah Sendergaard won his Phillies debut despite giving up four runs, and Alec Bohm notched a three-stroke home run as Philadelphia won a shorter-than-five-game 5-4 over the Washington Nationals Thursday night. Rhys Hoskins deepened too, helping secure Syndergaard’s (6-8) win two days after being acquired from the Los Angeles Angels. “I am very … Read more