LA Lakers news report: LeBron James is all wowed after dunk athlete Bronny James, purple and gold attend Draymond Green’s wedding, and more

Los Angeles Lakers Superstar LeBron James Launched Follow Bronnie Jamesdipping sticker. The younger James has been steadily ramping up his game as he prepares to play in the NCAA. Draymond GreenMany of the NBA’s biggest stars attended the wedding, including James and Golden State Warriors guard point steve curry. “King James” posted a warm message … Read more

“We had the chance to wake the sleeping giant”

Allen Iverson Play the series of his life in 2001 NBA Finals against Shaquille O’NealAnd the copy print and the Los Angeles Lakers. The AI ​​has dropped a 48-point masterpiece in Game 1 to stun the overwhelming favorites and defending champions. Iverson’s incredible first game was the motivation Shaq needed to prove he was still … Read more

“Obviously the Lakers have been lying to us all this season.”

Despite the endless business speculation Russell WestbrookThe Los Angeles Lakers She has publicly backed the groundwork to get back to his best next season. Both general manager Rob Pelinka and coach Darvin Hamm He said all the right things to support the beleaguered 2016-17 MVP. However, Rob Gera of Fox Sports Radio said the Lakers’ … Read more

NBA Trade Debate: Dallas Maves’ Tim Hardaway Jr. on Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins?

With a boot camp just over a month away, Dallas Mavericks They seem to have improved their menu overall despite the lack of Jalen Brunson. However, how better Dallas will be can depend more on the performance men at home Instead of the new additions to Christian Woodand JaVale McGee and Jaden Hardy. Tim Hardaway … Read more

“Rich Paul Recruits Clients at the Wedding”, “I Waited Until He Got That Contract”

Draymond Green And the Hazel Renee He tied the knot in front of several prominent celebrities yesterday. The wedding was a star-studded event, with famous rappers Dababy and Rudy Rich performing as guests. Green’s teammates were at the wedding, in particular steve curry Who was seen with Jason Tatum and LeBron James. Steph Curry, Seth … Read more

“She taught me to be mentally strong, to never complain and never to be a crying child with everything at my disposal.”

Shaquille O’Neal It was one of many NBA Legends who paid tribute to the late Bill Russell. O’Neill was grateful to Russell for paving the way for him and the rest of the league. The Los Angeles Lakers The legend also revealed all the lessons he learned from the 11-time champion. In an interview with … Read more

What is Michael Jordan’s payout percentage during his NBA career? Looking at the efficiency statistics of a basketball legend

Michael Jordan He is one of the greatest players who have ever played basketball. He spent 15 seasons in the NBA, playing in Chicago Bulls in 13 of them, while spending the last two seasons with Washington Wizards. Jordan is still tied to the league and is now the majority shareholder in the league Charlotte … Read more