Jeff Duncan: His stock is up, down after two weeks of Camp Saints | Sports

We are now 2 weeks and 13 rehearsals at boot camp. Time to take stock of the 2022 New Orleans Saints Festival. Early returns were promising. We’ll know more once they start competing against the opponent, but the Saints seem to have answered many of the questions they asked in the off-season. The roster is … Read more

Saints Camp, 10th Day Notes: Michael Thomas, Tiran Mathieu near the end of the cliff? | saints

In the middle of the tenth training camp’s training, a siren sounded and warned of lightning in the area. With that, the Saints moved in and away from the massive crowd of fans who came out to see the team on a steamy Saturday morning in Metairie. Here’s what fans missed from the indoor facility. … Read more

Saints Training Camp: Notes and Notes for the Ninth Day

It’s Friday, and nine days of Saints in the Books training camp. After tomorrow’s session, the team will have a day off after completing a week of six-day work. The practice started indoors for a while, but then moved outside and gave us plenty of goodies to check out. Here are all our observations and … Read more