Kevin Harvick ends 65-race drought with sixth win in Michigan | Sports

Brooklyn, Michigan (AP) – Kevin Harvick has got his groove back in his groove again, fittingly on one of his favorite tracks. Harvick finished 65- a race Useless dehydration continued Almost two years With his sixth win at the Michigan International Auto Raceway on Sunday. “Good timing for sure,” he said. Harvick’s win shook the … Read more

NASCAR family’s Kyle Bush survived mall shooting | Car racing

Brooklyn, Michigan (AFP) – Kyle Bush’s Troubled Year Take another turn. Bush, his wife and their two children escaped from the Mall of America in Minnesota after that shots firedThree days ago, a race at Michigan International Motorcycle. “If you look at that dark cloud over me lately, and then the other day, we’re in … Read more

Evo 2022 announcement 1 day and news live stream – Arcade1Up, Guilty Gear Strive board, Evo Lounge

Day one of Evo 2022 is set to feature a slew of exciting matches across many of the fan-favorite fighting game titles, but in addition to tournament events, fans can look forward to several scheduled live streams to include updates, news, and announcements for various products. Since there’s a lot going on here on day … Read more