Retired NFL RB James White never had a moment in the sun

Retired NFL RB James White never had a moment in the sun

James White did not win the Super Bowl LI MVP title, but he should have.picture: AP Don’t worry Deion Sanders, I’m not about to prove that James White belongs in the Hall of Fame. Manufacture comments Recently, he has been feeling the low level of players being recruited in recent years. Richard Seymour, Leroy Butler … Read more

NBA late to retire Bill Russell shirt number

The NBA failed several moments to honor Bill Russell. picture: AP Shame on the NBA. On the surface, it is a great honor to Permanently retired No. 6 Bill Russell. The league, along with the players’ union, announced Thursday that its number will not be issued to any player from now on. It was appropriate. … Read more

The Dodgers dominate, but they are not guaranteed to win the World Championship

slow down the rolling of the Dodgers; Anything can happen in the post season.picture: AP The 2022 Dodgers might be the most dominant regular season team we’ve ever seen. And they have a chance to solidify it. I know the Dodgers have been here before. They had the best record in baseball in 2017 and … Read more

The NBA tops the predictions for winning the loss for the 2022-23 season

picture: AP When odds makers issue NBA win futures, most casual fans look directly at their teams over/under and say, “My team is better than that.” After a lengthy and misleading rant about sharpshooters who do this for a living doing their job, the next step is to find the franchises they hate and word … Read more

Dolphins, who tried to lure Tom Brady, train with pirates

The Bucks and Dolphins are training against each other this week.picture: AP Tom Brady will not be on the field for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers season opener against the Miami Dolphins on Saturday. Instead, his first act of the season was against a defense from a team other than his team today in a joint … Read more

Oklahoma football assistant coach Cal Gundy uses the N word.

Cal Gundy is out in OUpicture: AP For Eve, it was the forbidden fruit. For Cal Gundy, the N-word was. Entitlement is the downfall of people unhappy with having everything. unsurprisingly, Mike Gundy Brother – Kal – loves to say the N word out loud in front of people. And since Oklahoma’s longtime football assistant … Read more

Why is Canada participating in the World Junior Championships?

Attorney Andrew Winton (left) sits alongside witnesses Scott Smith, Hockey Canada President and COO, and Hockey Canada CFO Brian Cairo, as they appear at the Canadian Heritage Standing Committee in Ottawa to consider how Hockey Canada handles allegations of sexual assault and Subsequent claimpicture: AP You may have forgotten about the World Junior Hockey League. … Read more

Footballer Luis Garcia walked twice this season

When your BS is .290 but your OBP is .295.picture: AP Padres’ Juan Soto has a number of impressive attacking skills that make him one of the most dangerous hitters in MLB. Above all, Soto’s greatest weapon is his discipline. Soto’s vision in painting is unparalleled. I’ve never seen a man so ready to take … Read more

Newest golfer Cameron Smith veers off to the LIV Tour

Cam Smith is the latest golfer to leave the PGA Tour on the Saudi-backed LIV Tour.picture: Getty Images We’ve come to a point where a golfer has to take an oath of blood on his mother’s grave while stabbing a Greg Norman voodoo doll in order to believe that any of these immoral sociopaths would … Read more