La Verne faces another match to be won in the Little League Softball World Series

La Verne community cheers for the local team in Little League Softball World Series The women of La Verne are putting the community on the map after expanding their magic course at the Little League Softball World Series. All-star team from La Fern The Little League will once again attempt to avoid elimination in the … Read more

Vanessa Bryant cries after a witness says he saw photos of Kobe’s crash

Vanessa Bryant left the courtroom in tears Thursday after a bartender testified that the deputy mayor of Los Angeles showed him pictures of her late NBA legend husband. Deadly helicopter crash scene. Victor Gutierrez testified that oath. Joey Cruz showed him the disturbing shots – which included severed body parts strewn across a hillside in … Read more

Trial begins over Kobe Bryant helicopter crash photos

Jury selection ends in Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit against Los Angeles County Horrific helicopter crash pictures Sharing by first responders allegedly begins on Wednesday. Bryant, 40, says lawmakers circulated graphic photos of her husband’s remains, NBA Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant, after he was Died in a helicopter crash With their 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven … Read more

Federal judge rejects LIV golfers offer for PGA Tour Posteason

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA (AP) – A federal judge in California ruled on Tuesday that three golfers who joined Saudi-backed LIV Golf would not be able to compete on the PGA Tour in the post-season. US District Judge Beth Labson Freeman made her decision in San Jose after attorneys for both sides spoke for about an … Read more

With the NFL star joining the list of celebrities endorsing dope, are drugs finally mainstream?

The revelation that NFL star Aaron Rodgers used psychedelic drugs to boost his performance was just the latest celebrity endorsement of mind-altering drugs, which for decades have been taboo but are fast entering the mainstream in America. Rodgers, 38, who says South American ayahuasca helped make his “best season” in the NFL, joins a growing … Read more