Britney Greiner’s wife tells ABC she wants a WNBA star’s home

Britney Greiner’s wife Cheryl wants President Joe Biden to secure her partner’s release, and do whatever is necessary to bring the WNBA star home from Russia where she has been held captive for more than three months. “I keep hearing that, you know, he has the power. It’s a political pawn, Sherrill, who became emotional, … Read more

WNBA’s Griner’s wife told The Associated Press that the scheduled call never happened

Sheryl Greiner said Monday that WNBA star Britney Greiner tried to call her wife nearly a dozen times through the US Embassy in Russia on the couple’s fourth anniversary on Saturday, but they never called because the embassy’s phone line was not staffed. . The couple have not spoken on the phone in the four … Read more

The WNBA is the “Contract Divorce” Association.

Liz Campage is the latest WNBA player to undergo a contract divorce with her team. picture: AP The thing most people don’t realize or forget in a marriage is that it’s a legally binding document – making it a contract. But, even though divorce is a breach of contract, and union, the idea of ​​putting … Read more

WNBA’s Griner Gets Support In Trial From Character Witnesses

KIMKI, Russia (Associated Press) – Britney Grenier’s drug possession trial resumed Thursday with the off-season president of the Russian club she plays with and a female colleague from that squad testified in support of her character and what the WNBA women’s basketball star means to the country. Greiner, who pleaded guilty last week, did not … Read more

Explainer: Why do WNBA players go abroad to play in the off-season

Russia has been a popular destination for WNBA players like Brittney Griner over the past two decades because of the money they can make playing there in the winter. With top players earning more than $1 million — nearly four times what they could make as a base salary in the WNBA — Griner, Breanna … Read more

WNBA’s Griner recounts drug trial: ‘My career is my whole life’

Khimki, Russia (AFP) – American basketball star Britney Greiner She testified at a drug possession trial in Russia that an interpreter translated only a fraction of what was said while she was detained at Moscow airport in February and that officials asked her to sign the documents, but “no one explained any of it to … Read more