Seahawks o-line coach Andy Dickerson drops an interesting name in RT competition

In the 2022 NFL Draft The Seattle Seahawks Two of the first four selections were used in the offensive tackles at Charles Cross and Abe Lucas. This, of course, prompted hopeful fans to capitalize on the optimistic predictions of both players, and many became certain that the duo would be a fixture on the line for several seasons to come.

The training camp is only a week old, but so far it has yet to pay off, as Kroos has closed out the left tackle spot, while the right tackle competition is still wide open. In particular, Stone Forsythe was training with the first team at the center on Wednesday, after Jake Curhan was at that spot on Tuesday.

With that in mind, after training, Seahawks offensive line coach Andy Dickerson asked about the venue and, after providing a humorous initial response, provided some details and added an interesting name for fans to consider.

Now, most people’s reaction to the idea of ​​seeing Kyle Fuller in the right intervention will likely align with what Field Gulls Managing Editor Mookie Alexander had to say about it.

However, as Dickerson points out, the Seahawks played Fuller in a correct intervention for 11 shots late in the victory over New York Jets In 2020. Obviously, this won’t be a world-changing amount of experience, but it does bring the discussion to many interesting points.

Specifically, if Fuller is able to provide a certain level of depth in four of the five points on the streak, he could make his way to the last 53 players list easier. Teams keep eight offensive linemen on their active playlist, and Fuller will likely be able to fill four of the five points that will give the team more flexibility with the other two depth points.

That’s not the only thing that’s interesting, although the idea of ​​a big physical hitter at the right tackle might be attractive to Dickerson. As previously discussed, part of the reason the Hawks likely paired Brandon Shell and Gabe Jackson on the right side of the streak was to give the team a strong, strong side capable of blending gaps, like the Duo, to the right, with an athletic side from Duane Brown and Damien Lewis. together on the left. With Jackson staying in place on the right-hand side, there is less compelling need to put a very athletic player into the right tackle, and keeping Jackson paired with hitters will continue to allow the Hawks to run many of the power runs they enjoyed running behind Jackson and Slam.

With that in mind, considering that there is absolutely no intention of comparing the blocking capabilities of Fuller and Los Angeles Rams Correct handling with Rob Havenstein, there are enough similarities that fans should not be shocked if Fuller snagged some shots in a correct tackle late in a pre-season game.

Physical and athletic players for the right competition, with RT Rams Rob Hafenstein for fun

category Hafenstein Complete korhan Lucas Forsyth
category Hafenstein Complete korhan Lucas Forsyth
to rise 6073 6046 6057 6063 6080
Weight 321 320 316 316 307
an arm 33.75 inches 34.125″ 33 inches 34 inches 34.375 inches
40 yard dash 5.46 5.24 5.45 4.92 5.13
20 divided yards 3.16 3.03 3.17 2.84 2.96
10 yards split 1.88 1.81 1.89 1.69 1.82
seat 20 23 15th 24 25
vertical 28.5 26 24 27 27.5
Wide 96 96 102 107 103
transportation service 4.87 4.84 4.84 4.4 4.63
3-cone 8.28 7.71 8.07 7.25 7.47

To reiterate, this is in no way an attempt to compare Fuller’s abilities as an offensive lineman to those of Hafenstein, or even to any of the others. However, the idea that Fuller could act as a right-sided deflector, or even as a great virtual leader, attacking the sixth offensive line similar to George Vant in short yard situations while providing depth at multiple points on the line, could suffice to hold him. around it.