NFL star arrested for ‘criminal speed’ in Arizona

a star NFL The wide receiver was arrested for “criminal speed” in Arizona Wednesday.

Arizona Cardinals receiver Marquis “Hollywood” Brown was arrested for driving 126 mph down State Route 101 on Wednesday morning, nearly double the speed limit on the highway. He was booked into the Maricopa County Jail and released on a pledge of his own later in the day, after a brief hearing in Maricopa County Superior Court. Adam Shifter of ESPN NFL first reported the story.

“The Cardinals’ WR Marquise Brown was arrested and charged with criminal speeding Wednesday morning,” Shifter Wrote on Twitter. Arizona Department of Safety spokesman Bart Graves confirmed that Brown was arrested at 7:05 a.m. in North Phoenix and is being booked into the Maricopa County Jail, according to the Associated Press.

According to a local news outlet KPO, an Arizona State trooper was on Route 101 Wednesday morning at about 7 a.m. when he saw that “a white passenger car was going through all the traffic.” A soldier reported that the car was traveling at 126 mph, nearly double the 65 mph speed limit. In the end, the soldier grabbed the vehicle and towed it. Brown was then arrested and booked.

According to the Arizona-based newspaper, Heath Law Firm“criminal speed” is defined as:

  • driving more than 35 mph in the school district;
  • driving more than 20 mph above the speed limit; And the
  • Driving at speeds of more than 85 mph on highways and highways.

Criminal speed is a third-degree misdemeanor, the company notes; The maximum penalty is 30 days in prison, a $500 fine with an 83% surcharge, and up to a year of probation. The minimum sentence is either a court-ordered defensive driving school, or a final act, which means the person has been convicted of the crime, but no penalties have been issued. The most common penalty is a fine and conviction, which is always on the person’s criminal record under Arizona law. The company notes that arrests can happen, but they are rare.

The Cardinals issued a brief statement in response to the news of Brown’s arrest. “We are aware of the situation with respect to the Hollywood Browns and have notified the NFL office as required,” the Cardinals said in a statement on Wednesday. “We will comment more as appropriate.”

Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury He responded to the news at a news conference after Thursday’s exercise. “[I’m] Kingsbury said. “We’re still working through the details of everything, but we’re glad he’s back.”

Kingsbury said Brown was heading to the Cardinals’ Arena to train when he was suspended.

He didn’t have any problems [before]he obviously knows he has to be better than that, and he will move on.”[It was an] An unfortunate accident, it can’t be done, and we want to take it back and bring it back to share.”

Kingsbury said he still plans to return Brown to training on Monday as he recovers from an injury he sustained while training alone in July.

Brown was drafted from the University of Oklahoma 25 overall by the Baltimore Ravens in 2019. He spent three seasons with the Ravens, collecting 195 passes for 2,361 yards and 21 touchdowns. He was traded to the Arizona Cardinals during the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft, and is reunited with former Oklahoma teammate, Cardinals quarterback Keeler Murray.

Brown is a cousin of former Steelers, Patriots, and Buccaneers widely known as Antonio Brown.