New adds weather, news and other cards

Google Home has always been known for providing a clean interface that basically provides a search field. Google Search now tests a row of cards on the desktop on the web for an experience similar to Discover.

Update 8/4: After the original February debut ended a few days later, the tools are being tested on the Google homepage extensively. In recent days, we’ve had two Reports Of the people who saw him temporarily live.

New is the “Meet the new” card that prompts you to “Sign in for personalization”. After doing that, clicking “Make the space yours” will open the message “Hey, what are you interested in?” A window that allows you to customize the widgets. Available options include:

Air quality, cryptocurrency, stock market, your top stocks, nearby events, weather, trending searches, top news, sports and what to watch

Meanwhile, cards are now expanded by default to become squares instead of shorter rectangles. This allows more information to be displayed at a glance.

This “new” experience is interesting given the company’s previous insistence that the home page remain simple. However, these items may come in handy, while user-facing advertising indicates that a broader launch may be soon.

Original 2/16: These cards appear at the bottom There is a “hide content” toggle in the lower right corner, while Google notes the zip code/city and states that the information provided is “based on your past activity.” When the window is fully expanded, six cards are presented and they all expand when hovering over them:

  • Weather: Status (with) icon + temperature. Three-day forecast when scrolling
  • Direction: cover photo with search number
  • What to watch: Shows and movies with cover photo
  • Stocks/Markets: daily chart on hover
  • Local events: with history
  • Corona virus disease news

Clicking opens the full web result with the usual Dashboard card and/or the relevant Google Search experience. The number of cards shown depends on the size of your screen with no way to scroll and see more without actually expanding the window.

We’re only seeing this rolled out on two Google accounts, albeit across multiple signed-in devices, today. As such, this is very likely a test to determine if the full subtraction is justified.

9to5Google’s Take

This results in much of a Google Discover-like experience, but without exposing people to another feed to scroll through. the company, back in 2018was adamant that Discover wasn’t coming to the desktop web – just mobile.

What Google Search experiences today is very similar to the tools and offers more benefit to a very popular web destination without compromising the clean experience. Weather is of course the most useful addition, while this is a better approach than Chrome’s increasingly crowded new tab page. It also goes back to the days iGoogle Dashboard.

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