Mets Morning News: Let’s play two (weather permitting)

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Taijuan Walker had the toughest start to the season, leaving before he could get his hands on a solo in the second half. While the Mets’ offensive offered a brief comeback, they ultimately couldn’t overcome an early deficit, falling to the Braves 9-6 until they reached the series in one match.

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It looked as if Walker might hurt himself during the first half of his debut, but Buck Showalter He thinks he’s fine.

David Peterson is tentatively scheduled To start Game 1 off the double head today, Max Scherzer will tackle Game 2.

While the Mets lost last night, the fact that they continued to fight even after falling behind early on Show what makes this team different.

Trevor Williams came in big For the Mets after the early dismissal of Taiguan Walker.

The Mets thinks so Edwin Diaz deserves to be considered Cy Young for his dominance this season.

And Daniel Vogelbach has shown it Huge amount of plate discipline So far with the Mets.

Darren Rove and Eduardo Escobar They both got left-handed kicks last nightwhich is something the Mets hope to see more often for the rest of the season.

Buck Showalter uses time to his advantage, A skill you learned a long time ago.

Drew Smith is frustrated as he is dealing with an injury, but he is Hoping to resume throwing soon.

Empire State Building Keep track of the runs scored by the Mets last night.

It was Kramer Robertson, who was dead for a glorious day claimed by the cardinals After becoming a DFA.

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the brave Young stars answered the call After losing the first game in the series against the Mets.

The Phyllis He hit three games at home in the first half, and Kyle Gibson’s strong start ensured ease 7-2 victory against citizens.

The Marlins couldn’t provide much offensive support for Edward Cabrera, who squandered his strong start when Wilson Contreras collided with a two-legged Homer to rule the Marlins in 2-1 defeat against the Cubs.

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we I learned a number of interesting things on this year’s deadlineIncluding the fact that the Padres, who baffle the very smart baseball people, are willing for some unknown reason to spend money to win???

Speaking of parents, Fernando Tates Jr. It is in the end Getting ready to start the rehabilitation mission.

Former Met & Toms River, New Jersey native (did you know he’s from Toms River?) would be Todd Fraser In the Little League World Series booth for ESPN.

One of Fen Scully’s most amazing traits was the ability to do so always be in love With the game he was watching to earn a living.

Rice President Brian Old Discuss the team’s aspirations To get a new stadium and stay in Tampa Bay for the long term.

The Reds have The archer put Phenom Hunter Green on the list of injured due to a strain on his shoulder.

The Dodgers Lost one player due to injury and added another playerand put Clayton Kershaw on the injured list while bringing back Chris Taylor.

In the wake of bruer DFAing Dinelson Lamet right after getting it from the Padres, the Rockies The slanderer claimed concessions.

A free dealer market for beginning shooters will add an interesting option this off-season, as the NPB Kodai Senga pitcher is Expected to pursue opportunities to come to the United States.

Five young players in the league were Suspended for violating league rules Against the use of PED – including single player in the Mets farm system.

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Robert Wolf Remember the career of Finn Scullyespecially his work in the 1986 World Championships.

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Yogi Berra has been relieved of his administrative duties On this date in 1975.