Kyle Busch finds NASCAR’s future on shaky ground after the M&M papers

Anton Vincent, president of M&M’s parent company, Mars Wrigley, spoke about the company’s evolution into becoming “consumer-obsessed” and the need to focus on “consumer interests and other passions”.

“There’s kind of a shift in our sports marketing strategy,” Vincent told earlier this year. “Our client base is very distributed.”

are you tracking? Well, let me translate: Kyle Busch’s stellar NASCAR career is in wait mode.

“Never expect to be in this predicament,” Bush said in a telephone conversation on Tuesday.

Kyle Busch and his car wore the M&M logo and colors for 15 seasons.

After 15 years as the primary sponsor of Busch’s Cup Series, M&M’s is gone after this year. A 15-year relationship is extremely uncommon in NASCAR, but the ultimate breakup happens all the time.

There is no doubt that Kyle Busch will be in a quality car next year and beyond. But it might not be Joe Gibbs’s familiar No. 18 car — Bosch says he’d rather stay where he’s won two championships and truckloads of trophies, and Gibbs clearly wants to keep it.