Is ‘Good Place’ Keri Irving Back in Brooklyn?

Kyrie Irving is in a “good spot” with the Nets and on a Thursday night, that spot was in Union, NJ, home of Kean University.

Not long after Ian Bigley used that phrase to describe Irving’s relationship with the Nets, Irving took the floor at the university’s Harwood Arena with four of his Nets teammates and perhaps most importantly, a marketing team from the Nets, in attendance.

As written by Adam Zagoria

Kyrie Irving returned to play basketball in New Jersey on Thursday night Brooklyn Networks She published videos and night photos, and a rapprochement between the two sides is in the making.

A native of West Orange and formerly St. Patrick Scholl star hosted the All-Star Game “More Than A Run” in front of a crowd of more than 2,000 at Kean University, including his Nets teammates Royce O’Neill, Kessler Edwards and David Duke Jr.

Alonds Williams and Rayquan Gray also attended.

Coverage on Instagram Thursday night was already positive. The Nets official Twitter page was added Friday to cover…

Nets fans, who didn’t have much to work with this summer, took the event – and the Nets’ interest in it – as a sign that the “reboot again” season has legs.

Indeed, the Nets have covered the event as if nothing had happened in the months since Irving picked $36.5 million last year after failing to reach an agreement with the organization on extending nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. This, of course, was followed the next day by Kevin Durant asking for a deal, whose back-to-back hits led to more than a month of speculation about whether one or both of them would ever wear black and white again.

Earlier in the evening, Begley added to an earlier report by Brian Lewis and Shams Charania that the 30-year-old was looking forward to playing for the Nets in 2022-23, writing, “A source close to Irving said this week that the seven-time All-Star is in place Good with the Nets and comfortable to enter the 2022-23 season.”

I also followed Joe Tsai’s One word reply on Twitter — “The Truth” — to a video post in which Shlomo Sprung of Boardroom asked the many legends about New York stadiums that an NBA player could live better on those sacred black roofs? The vote was almost unanimous: Kyrie Irving. Players gathered in town for the premiere of “NYC Point Gods,” Kevin Durant’s documentary, “NYC Point Gods.”

In fact, reports about the fate of the two stars have taken a turn in the past week or so from discussions about which team could best offer the two stars to speculation about whether the Nets could bring players back into the fold. Earlier in the week, Steve Pulpit, Writing for Heavy.comyou mentioned that Durant and Tsai plan to meet soon.

In the meantime, we’ll be looking for more tea leaves to read.