How do the teams stack up before the 2022 season?

NFL power ratings entering pre-season 2022 (Previous rank in parentheses):

1. Rams (1): The reigning champions have several major departures and newcomers, WR Odell Beckham Jr. Currently somewhere in between. But factoring a man like LB Bobby Wagner Into the equation certainly won’t get in the way of a team trying to become the first team in 18 years to successfully defend the Super Bowl crown.

2. Bills (3): The addition of OLB Von Miller and others could put the defending two-time East Asian champion on the last hurdle. But watch WR Gabriel Davis, who had five TD wins in the 2021 Posteason – four in Heartbreaker in Kansas City – As a potential player.

3 – Bengals (2): Appendectomy from QB Joe Burrow And RT La’el Collins’ new back issues could hamper early cohesion to break the attack into an almost entirely new streak. However, the biggest challenges facing the 2021 Asian champions will likely come from a wild conference that will likely include Baltimore’s fledgling team challenging for the Cincinnati North Asian title.

Midfielder Aaron Rodgers having fun in training camp

4. Beams (5): QB Aaron Rodgers seems to think a village of receivers – watch rookie Romeo Dobbs – could combine to round out Davante Adams’ departing production. Hmmm. We’re considering shortening the match with more total touches for RBs Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon that might actually be a Lombardi ticket.

5 – heads (8): Despite the absence of WR Tyreek Hill, the guesswork here is that Andy Reid-Patrick Mahomes’ offense will ultimately be good. The real question might be a stripped defense from veteran leader Terran Mathieu and now relying heavily on first-round Novices Trent McDuffy at the corner and George Karlavtis off the edge.

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6. Crows (6): Still in Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson Weighing in at 212 pounds, he claims to have reached nearly 230 pounds after increasing his size during the holiday season. It remains to be seen what this means for the league’s most powerful athlete, who has not made it to the end of the late stage of the internal breakdown in 2021.

7. Pirates (4): While the idea WR Julio Jones Covering up against the man on the pass is confusing, a very good bet QB Tom Brady prefers it Pro Bowl C hit Ryan Jensen in the lineup on said pass…and all other shots.

8. Chargers (7): There is no reason to be optimistic about QB Justin Herbert. But he can and must improve – and he may want to start by lowering his interception (25) and taking out (63) totals in two seasons.

9 – Eagles (12): Good luck finding a team with more talent and depth in the trenches, which is a major reason Philly should excel no matter where QB Jalen Hurts falls on his personal learning curve. Former Temple star Hasson Riddick, who has had 23 sacks over the past two seasons, could be one of the free agency heists (again).

10- Amhar (10): From Weeks 6-16 last year, they were a top team, going 8-2 and winning against four teams at the end. But Former QB Carson Wentz The COVID-19 diagnosis and subsequent lost training time coincided with the downward spiral of Indy’s season. Steady veteran Matt Ryan replacement should be the best at providing a smoother ride.

11. 49ers (14): Resolving Jimmy Garoppolo’s situation would be nice, but it was more important to fix things “Broad Back” by Debo Samuelwhich will undoubtedly be a major component of Trey Lance transition to the role of QB1.

12. Patriots (13): Despite all the speculation about offensive play and the good feelings about it Developed by QB Mac JonesMaybe the focus should be on a top-notch talent-free defense. New England scored 150 points in their last five games of 2021.

13. Saints (9): despite of Longtime coach Sean Payton is outDon’t be a bit surprised if this team reclaims the NFC South throne given the arms they feature on either side of the ball. The unresolved RB Alvin Kamara battery issue looms as a significant issue if a penalty is expected late in the year.

14. Raiders (11): They have an exceptional range in the first positions such as the midfielder, the receiver, the left tackle and the rushing passing. But the balance of the squad is at least equally questionable. Given his value as new coach Josh McDaniels in design plays, Vegas hopes he learned something from Bill Belichick about hiding weaknesses.

15. Cowboys (19): Given How Micah Parsons was published by Dallasit might be interesting to see if Newly signed LB Anthony Barr He managed to catch quarterbacks the way he used to at UCLA, but didn’t do so in Minnesota despite his four Pro Bowl gestures.

16. Dolphins (21): owner Stephen Ross’s Illegal Direction To Brady and Payton he assigned Miami her 2023 first-round pick, among other things. Ironically, it may have eased the pressure on him QB Back Tagovailoa He emphasized his job security since it will probably now be difficult to craft a QB in 2023…if that’s the direction the flippers want to go.

Garrett Bell: The NFL allows Stephen Ross to easily go out with the Punishment Dolphins

17. Viking (17): Justin Jefferson is the only player in the league to have earned at least 3,000 yards since 2020. He might pay 5,000 yards over three campaigns Pivotal of new coach Kevin O’Connell’s pass-through attack?

18- Bronco (18): No sugar coating loss WR Tim Patrick (ACL)but that could create an opportunity for KJ Hamler to showcase his speed – and few quarterbacks are able to take advantage of it more than deep ball sniper Russell Wilson.

19. Steelers (20): They will face five playoffs in 2021 plus Miami before bidding farewell in Week 9. Not a perfect opening stretch to replace QB Ben Roethlisberger…but one that suggests head coach Kenny Pickett could be in the saddle by Week 10.

20- Titans (16): RB Derrick Henry averaged 4.3 yards per carry in 2021, the second lowest in his career. What happens to this number without WRs AJ Brown and Julio Jones to keep the defenses honest?

21 – black (24): C Frank Ragnow’s return from a 2021 foot injury means Detroit could emerge with the league’s top offensive line in 2022.

22. Cardinals (22): It remains to be seen if $230.5 million can buy you happiness, leadership, maturity, or even a playoff win. despite, QB Keeler Murraywho holds a 22-24-1 NFL record, will always be 43-0 in high school…a data point he thinks is still very relevant.

23. Leaders (26): Captain Terry McLaurin has been paid as fellow WR Jahan Dotson continues to show signs he could emerge as the club’s next star. Doubly good news as Wentz attempts to stabilize this organization and his career, even though he has already moved on to Bumpy start in camp.

24. Tiger (28): Currently Halfway house for 2018 QBs first roundCarolina could be obligated after the final due to her defensive potential and outstanding offensive playmakers… assuming RB Christian McCaffrey is still on the field.

25. Browns (15): No team is more difficult to play given the uncertainty surrounding QB Deshaun Watson, who was suspended for six matches on August 1, a ruling The NFL resumed after two days. This decision makes it more likely that Watson will not take a shot for the regular season before 2023.

26- Aircraft (23): Their years have reflected the chaos of the airline industry in general. But the infusion of talent into the Offseason suggests that NYJ may be nearing take-off speed…although it will be necessary in year two QB Zach Wilson to keep things on schedule while taking better care of baggage.

27 – Jaguar (27): With a legit coach like Doug Pederson now driving #1 in 2021 pick Trevor Lawrence – and offense about to start again with fellow 2021 first-team teammate Travis Etienne who was a champion in his NFL debut – Jacksonville could be ready. To match the mission boom – leap.

28 – Seahawks (25): so it is WR DK Metcalf, who extended Seattle only three years, now the face of this concession? If not, then who is it? Perhaps a college quarterback nine months after joining Team 12?

29- Giants (29): While it’s understandable that much attention has been paid to how effective first-year coach Brian Dabol has been in recalibrating QB Daniel Jones, the impact of new coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale on defense may determine how far these giants go.

30. Bears (31): The ripping may not actually end amid speculation that 32-year-old de Robert Quinn (the team scored 18 sacks in 2021) could be the next veteran on the move as well as Chicago whispers about to surrender in 2021 Teven II. Jenkins.

31- Texas (30): If we spot you QB Davis Mills and WR Brandin Cooks, can you name three more starters for Houston? Good teams often stem from anonymity, but it usually takes a while.

32. Falcons (32): If we find you QB Marcus Mariota And T. E. Kyle Bates, can you name three more starters for Atlanta… even though it should be easier to remove than the Houston bar? Good teams often stem from anonymity, but it usually takes a while… and the Falcons may take longer than the Texans do.


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