Highway in early 2023 NBA Mock Draft: Victor Wimpanyama’s year | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

Emonie Bates (Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

21. Jordan Walsh (Arkansas, SF/PF, freshman)

Walsh is gaining a lot of praise for his defense as a 6’7 inch striker who is back and competing aggressively. His triple ball has yet to be fully hit, but Walsh is still serving as a stand-up scorer with driving ability, mid-range volley and passing skills.

22. Grady Dick (Kansas, SG/SF, freshman)

By next June, you may have a case as the best shooter in the draft. He also has some athletic pop on the finishes, and his intelligence as a passer and defender bodes well for his role-playing potential.

23. Arthur Kaluma (Creighton, SF/PF, Sophomore)

After finishing his first year with 24 points, 12 plates, and three assists against Kansas in the NCAA Tournament, Kaluma went on to score a total of 45 points for Uganda in the African World Cup playoffs. He appears ready to take a serious leap as a creative and shooter, which should catch the NBA’s attention, given his 6’7″ size and athletic and defensive gadgets.

24- Sidi Sissoko (G League Ignite, SG/SF, 2004)

Sissoko’s raw offensive game was revealed at Nike Hoop Summit, but his 6’7″ size, passing and defense gadgets create unique capabilities that will earn him time with scouts. He could play a similar role Dyson Daniels played with Ignite, working on and off the ball as goalkeeper and winger. interchangeable.

25. JJ Starling (Notre Dame, SG, Freshman)

Expected to slip into the role of Blake Wesley in Notre Dame, Starling combines the exciting sports of open floors with the versatility of shooting to pit jumpers in a multitude of ways.

26. Judah Mintz (Syracuse, SG, Freshman)

Quick to flick and a knack of dribbling, Mintz should get a chance to showcase his creations with the Boeheim brothers and Cole Swider’s gold. He will win fans for his low ball handling, crafting and energy/activity.

27. Chris Livingston (Kentucky, San Francisco, student)

At 6’6″, Livingston blends great physical appearance with the ability to attack from the flanks, hit triples and defend both front points. The right amount of shooting proficiency and shot selection should be key for the first round of 2023.

28- Chris Murray (Iowa, Jr., Jr.)

Murray looks set to break in after seeing his improved shooting and defensive dynamism as flashes of his versatility. With his brother Keegan now at Sacramento King, there should be a high-use role for Chris to produce and continue to enhance his shot making skills and facing the half.

29. Emoni Bates (Eastern Michigan, SG/SF, Sophomore)

The Eastern Michigan Bates will provide the bright green, though the scout bar will be high (given the weaker schedule strength), and defenses will plan around to score it. He will have a chance to regain lost support by demonstrating more mature decision-making, whether through his choice of shots or attempts to finish. Despite his concerns about his athletic style, structure and intangibles, he’s still a top-ranking shotmaker for the 6’9″ winger.

30. Harrison Ingram (Stanford, San Francisco, sophomore)

Ingram’s invitation to the confirmed Boy Scouts in 2022 was concerned with its versatility. He’ll need to make more triples to make up for the athletic limitations inside the arc, but he showed promising touch and passing IQ, and strengths for the NBA conductor role.