Galaxy Z Fold 4: It’s a phone, tablet, and computer! (My dream of a powerful Android come true)

And I mean a golden looking phone. I’ll be honest, my only real issue with past Z Fold phones has been its bulky shape and heavy weight.

Don’t sue me, but I do wear skinny jeans on occasion, and fitting the Z Fold into the pocket, or worse—trying to get it out of your pocket while sitting—was a wholly unexpected challenge.

But the good news – according to reputable leaker Ice Universe, the upcoming Z Fold 4 will get a little lighterIt probably weighs around 263 grams. Now, this is still heavier than other phones, but it comes close to regular tablet phones. The iPhone 13 Pro MaxFor example, 240 grams.

Not only that, but we have reasons to believe that The Z Fold 4 packs a new slimmer hinge, which will not only make it slimmer, but when closed, it will look more compact. That’s because so far we’ve had a huge hinge to the left of the external screen. But what if Samsung designed a thinner hinge? Well, that seems to be the case!

So what can you do with the Z Fold 4 when it’s locked like this? Well, all you can do with a public tile phone. Check your notifications, reply to messages, write messages, mute messages from your ex, scroll through Instagram to see what they’re doing anyway – all of those good, weirdly defined and boring stuff.

But hey, we don’t need to settle for this not-so-great “normal phone” experience! So let’s…

Open the fold – now it’s a widescreen tablet for gaming, browsing the web, working…

Yes, while previous Z Folds were somewhat square in shape and thus a bit lackluster for both browsing social media and watching videos, all signs point to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 having a wider screen! foldable ones Get updated aspect ratio, In fact. It’s not a huge display change, but a welcome one though, check this out: OK, so now that your Z Fold 4 is revealed like a book, you’re staring at this slightly wider, gorgeous, AMOLED, highly refreshed display Rate, the opportunities are limitless! What would you do with this tablet, which was just a solid phone in your pocket 5 seconds ago? Well, let me tell you what I’m going to do.

Games will be bigger than a phone, but more comfortable than a tablet, which is why

So, mobile gaming…well, I’ve spent some time with previous Z Folds to learn something that most mobile gamers might not realize – yes, playing on your small phone puts you at a disadvantage compared to tablet games which see what’s going on much clearer. But, if you’re a fan of tablet games, you’ll know that holding a wide, heavy pane of glass and metal for long periods, and extending your thumb to press on-screen touch controls isn’t an epic experience.

Here’s the deal – the Galaxy Z Fold is the best mobile gaming device out there, precisely because of its square screen and lighter build (even than a small tablet).

It’s more comfortable to hold than a tablet in landscape orientation, and it’s easy to access all the touch controls with your thumb.

I vividly remember playing Asphalt 9 on the Z Fold 3 and having fun – with the Z Fold’s dual stereo speakers firing great tunes around me, and the gorgeous AMOLED screen making the game’s already great graphics even nicer, and yes – it was a very comfortable game for extended periods of time.

So, gamers, even if you’re not interested in the Z Fold as a productivity device – don’t sleep on it as the perfect portable gaming tool. I know I won’t. Oh, I’m really looking forward to playing Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 very soon, indeed.

Relive one of my favorite childhood games from the late ’90s in this cutting-edge tech marvel of 2022, which we basically end up calling a “phone,” when it’s so much more. Speaking of “more than that”…

The multitasking features are better than our already excellent features!

Browsing the web on the Z Fold has always been a great experience, in my opinion. Sure, the screen isn’t as big as on a regular tablet, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s way more manageable, and things look good on it.

But what if you’re a geek and want to do two things at once on their phone? Or maybe three? Or – I know it’s silly – four or more?

Well, I’m one of those psychopaths who love to watch videos while scrolling through social media or the web, maybe browsing two or more different stores at once, choosing where to buy the next Bluetooth speaker.

Replying to messages while watching videos is also a common scenario I find myself in, and I don’t like having to switch between the video app and Instagram just to do one or the other.

What is this, the early 2000s? Multitasking is now a thing. And in the Galaxy Z Fold 4, it’s going to be the next level.

So we can actually run three apps simultaneously in split view on previous Z Folds. You can even run more apps in windows on top of those if you just like clutter. Samsung has been really generous with great powerful user features right off the bat.

But there’s more to come – Swipe to split screen feature For faster and more intuitive multitasking, maybe even an updated way to switch between your open apps?

iPadOS 16 It gets Stage Manager, which gives it almost Mac-like multitasking capabilities, with a fixed dock for quickly switching between apps and windowed apps. And as a fan of fixed docks, I’d like to see something similar on the Z Fold 4.

Two new S Pen styluses will appear…

Here’s another scenario – you’re in a video call on one half of the screen, with the Notes app open on the other half. Your best friend’s girlfriend’s cousin gives you tips on how to make money fast online, and since you’re bad at turning people down, you’ll want to pretend you’re writing down all this “valuable” information.

But what, you will type in your notes app with a touch keyboard, like a generic keyboard? A touch keyboard covers half of everything on the screen?

Nah, for your Z Fold 4 you won’t have one stylus, but two S Pens are said to choose from, so you can take notes like a boss!

These will be the S Pen Fold Edition and the S Pen Pro, which will likely get an update when the Z Fold 4 rolls around. And while I would say the Z Fold 4 will finally have a slot for the S Pen, as suggested by some questionable leakers. , I highly doubt that. Samsung is already struggling to make this foldable thinner and lighter, and the stylus slot doesn’t seem like a realistic expectation to us. However, the S Pen cases for the Z Folds are there, for those who want them.

So what’s the difference between the S Pen Fold Edition and the S Pen Pro? Well, one is basically like the free S Pen you get with your mid-range Samsung tablet — no Bluetooth, no air gestures and cool features like that — just a basic but reliable stylus.

The S Pen Pro is like the Bluetooth styluses we used to get with Galaxy Note phones – it supports Air Gestures, drawing invisible symbols in the air as if it were a magic wand from the Harry Potter movie, and the Z Fold will do something cool in response, like opening an app . Honestly, you don’t need it – unless Samsung offers something cooler for it – for now, it’s just a more expensive stylus that you have to charge.

So get the S Pen Fold version, a cute case for the Z Fold 4 with an S Pen slot inside, and rock that kid like the multitasking businessman you are (or you can feel it), I know I plan on doing just that – that.

Samsung DeX is a huge deal – the Z Fold turns once again, this time into a PC!

Have you heard of the Google Pixel Fold, or whatever its name is (or will be)? Well, Google reportedly canceled its first foldable phone, or at least delayed it again, because it wasn’t good enough to compete with Samsung’s Z Fold series.

And why? Precisely because the Galaxy Z Fold isn’t just a phone that turns into a tablet, and that’s it — but Samsung gave it a ton of cool features, like we just talked about. But there’s another one that always steals the show in my opinion, and other companies have a hard time competing – and yes, it’s Samsung DeX…

So what is Samsung DeX on the Galaxy Z Fold 4? Well, we took it out of our pocket and used it as a phone. Then we exposed it and used it as a very powerful and multitasking tablet. Now, we can connect the Z Fold 4 to an external display, run DeX, and use it as a fully-fledged Chromebook.

With the push of a button, Samsung DeX transforms the entire Android interface of that familiar phone and tablet, with its home screen and app icons, into a PC-like desktop. You get a taskbar with a Windows-like Start menu and quick settings, and Android apps start opening in windows that you can resize, move around, and even snap to edges! Samsung has thought of everything.

And that, kids, is where Samsung excels when it comes to Android devices. All these great features that you may not have been aware of. And the kind of bold, cutting-edge hardware we see on the Z Fold…

I know it all fits in, but that’s the whole deal for the Z Fold, it’s a very versatile and specialized device that can do more than any other phone. It’s for legitimate power users and tech enthusiasts who want to be on the cutting edge, and are ready to drop some coins for this franchise.

So will the Z Fold 4 be too expensive, as it’s supposed to be around $1800? defy. Is it worth the price? Well, as much as I’d like to believe Samsung would cut it down, the answer is yes. In my opinion, it’s worth the price more than a flagship smartphone or more than that, a flagship tablet, which can also cost more than a thousand dollars. Because you get an insane amount of value, while living on the cutting edge and having the privilege of being one of the few! So I’m really excited about the Z Fold 4. How about you?

Get excited about the Swiss Army Knife for phones!

Stay tuned for our Galaxy Z Fold 4 review, let us know if you’re excited about this phone, and tell us what you’d do with it if you had it? Are there crazy and fun scenarios to put you through? Do you have any wild ideas on how to take advantage of its foldable design, large screen, and great features?