Choose Dallas Bar because that’s the competition

Well, the answer is simple: relationships and team potential.

“I obviously have some connection to [senior defensive assistant] We got pretty close while I was there, and we had some success,” Barr said in his first media appearance at training camp, George Edwards – in Minnesota. ” [Dan Quinn]And how it works.

“And I think Dallas is a competitor. I wanted to be on a team that I thought had a chance to win. I wanted a chance to play at a high level, and I’m excited to be here.”

Barr and Edwards established a connection early in his NFL career, with the latter joining the Vikings as defensive coordinator in 2014 before selling the team in the previous first round pick (ninth overall) that same spring.

They went on to make defensive music together from that point forward, as evidenced by all four Pro Bowl nods they earned before Edwards left Minnesota to join the Cowboys coaching staff.

Having missed just 11 games in the six seasons he spent under Edwards, Barr scored a total of 85 starts, and in that span, he has gone on to be one of football’s best players.

“I’m glad to be working with him again,” Barr said of meeting Edwards.

That basic shape (Optimus, if you will) is what Edwards, Quinn and Barr himself are expecting to happen in Dallas, and the 30-year-old also has extra motivation to be on a one-year deal, which means he should prove he still gets On the juice – much like the safety that Malik Hooker achieved last season before signing a new deal in 2022. To this point, while Barr starts camp on the team’s Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) roster, it has nothing to do with health.

This is because it needs thickening.

“It’s been seven, eight months since I’ve been in the field,” Barr said. “It’s just an acclimation period. I feel great. My body feels great. It’s about getting up quickly mentally, more than physically, and once I get there I can run on the floor.”

So, what is the role of a bar?

Initially, it will be necessary to take advantage of his versatility to allow Parsons to interfere more often with pinning his ears back and zipping towards the opposing midfielder. His covering abilities would certainly come in handy in that capacity, the player who had three interceptions and scored five assists in 11 starters last year.

His presence is expected to not only make it more difficult for Parsons to deal with, but Cox will now have a proven and still influential full-back for information and insight as he also prepares to become a huge part of what Quinn is. Planning to implement in the future.

“I have an idea [of what my role will be]Barr said. As I start camp, I’ll have a better idea. …I’m just trying to be at my best for this team.

“I’m willing to do whatever I ask to help the team come out and win. I’m a smart player, a capable player and I’m sure [Quinn] They will find certain ways to use me.”

And you can bet at the bottom dollar that he’s looking to play alongside a talent like Parsons.

“I’m just going to try to help him keep opening up his game, and be the best player he can be,” Barr added, his tone culminating with a tinge of excitement when discussing his view of Parsons. “He had a great start last year – what he was able to achieve is so amazing. I think he can just keep taking it and take it to the next level. I hope to be a tool and a resource for him but to learn from him and other guys.”

Barr is healthy, motivated, and instantly upgrades an already good defensive unit that has often been #3 in the NFL in many categories.

“I come humble, ready to learn, ready to help.”