Chiefs News 8/5: Skyy Moore is a ‘must’ player this season


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WR Sky Moore, The Chiefs

It will be difficult to replace 111 receptions for 1,239 yards and nine touchdowns in 2021 due to the departure of Terek Hill. It’s unrealistic to expect Moore to match these numbers, but he can eat a lot of them. Speed ​​and road ability are traits that stand out when discussing Western Michigan’s wide receiver. Being in the right place at the right time should be endearing to novice to quarterback Patrick Mahomes. With so many new faces in the reception room in Kansas City, Moore can separate himself during boot camp.

2022 NFL Survivor Squad: Build a 32-player force with one pick from each team | CBS Sports

Tight Ends: Travis Kelsey (Heads) and Cole Kumit (Pears)

2021 (disqualified): George Keitel (49), T.J. Hawkinson (black)

2020 (disqualified): Zach Erts (Eagles) and Darren Waller (Raiders)

Kelce remains the best tight end in the league. He had a little dip mid-season last year, but the same did it with the Chiefs’ entire offensive, then exploded in the extension and in the playoffs. (He was also dealing with sting at the time of that drop. Perhaps that wasn’t a coincidence.) Playing with Allen also shouldn’t be much of a tweak after working with Patrick Mahomes over the past few years. Kmet is our representative for the Bears, mostly because he fits the list better than guys like Jaylon Johnson and Eddie Jackson. He showed some streak-moving ability last year and was a big target, so he can help out in the red.

Reworking the 2022 NFL Draft after working in early training camp | Ovarian Report

30. Kansas City Chiefs

original selection: George Karlavtis, Edge, Bordeaux

New selection: Devin Lloyd, LP, Utah

The Chiefs also miss out on a defender from the first round, as Karlavtis is already off the board. Instead, they’re looking to bolster a running defense that ranked 21st last season and 31st in yards per surrender attempt.

The Jaguars originally picked linebacker Devin Lloyd after returning to the first round. With him here reworking the project, Kansas City pounces.

Lloyd, who had 110 tackles in Utah last season, could help bolster the Chiefs’ defense. However, it is versatile and smooth enough to aid the 27th seeded pass defense as well.

“Overall, Lloyd’s sophisticated space playing and ability to cover all kinds of missions would make him a good ‘will’ in the NFL,” he said. classin Wrote. “He has Pro Bowl The potential that could shift to another degree if he learns to play with more violence on the slopes.”

Lloyd, who had eight sacks and 22 tackles to lose last season, can help contribute to the passing rush.

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3) Patrick Mahomes, quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

The collapse of the second half in AFC Championship The match cost the Chiefs a chance to win a second title last season. Now there’s a new look in Kansas City: Trek Hill and Terran Matthew, champions of the team’s success, have recently come out. Hill was a once-in-a-lifetime player who made life easier for the quarterback and the passers by his side. He imbued the whole crime with a sense that there is no insurmountable impotence.

Mahomes will have to establish an immediate connection with his new supporting team to lead another batch after the season is over. He lived a blessed life early in his career – exemplary coach, franchisee and supporting cast. The Chiefs are still one of the most talented in the league, but now Mahomes is over to raise the bar for those around him.

Clyde Edwards Heller fantasy football predictions for the 2022 NFL season | clutch points

Clyde Edwards-Helaire fantasy football predictions for 2022

Edwards-Helaire was named 27th overall running back in the NFFC early in the draft with the ADP of 78. This is mainly due to Ronald Jones joining the Chiefs’ rear depth chart and Edwards-Helaire’s injury history.

This season, Kansas City will certainly at least alternate between these two in the background. Clyde Edwards-Helair isn’t a wild star, but he tends to do well when he’s healthy and with the ability to score a lot of points. Chiefs must give him at least 15 touches per week, which will result in 1,300 combined yards, 6-8 TDs, and roughly three receptions per game. However, in order to achieve these lofty goals, Edwards-Helaire must remain healthy.

Fans and pundits alike have had high hopes for Edwards Heller over the past two seasons. Unfortunately, they have also failed each time. Some hope this will be the year he has a stellar fantasy campaign.

About the NFL

2022 Hall of Fame: What we learned from the Raiders’ victory over the Jaguars |

The era of Josh McDaniels began with an interesting approach. Josh Jacobs has 11 touches, but what’s even more shocking is how McDaniels chose to use Jacobs in a game that doesn’t count toward the latest Las Vegas record. The Raiders hit her to the ground with Jacobs and summoned a first-class screen pass to him, exposing him to the kind of contact that a regular novice would avoid by staying on the sidelines. Instead, Jacobs was on his way to achieving full game touches early on before coming out right away. Las Vegas ended up putting up much of its starts—four of its five-man offensive linemen, Jacobs, Kellan Cole as one of the top four receivers in the regular season, and tight end No. 2 Foster Morrow—and gained an advantage in production. McDaniels also took a closer look at some of his best players. Naturally, Twitter users have been making a lot of hype about this approach (mainly centered around Jacobs) online, but our Greg Rosenthal accurately assessed the situation: “Josh McDaniels comes from Bill Belichick School for wacky pre-season courses that people are going to read a lot about.” .”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appoints former New Jersey attorney general Peter C. Harvey to hear appeal of Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension |

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday appointed former New Jersey attorney general Peter C. Harvey to hear the league’s appeal Cleveland Browns Mike Garavolo reports quarterback Deshaun Watson has been suspended for six matches for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

“Mr. Harvey has served as the attorney general for New Jersey and is now a partner at Patterson Belknap Corporation in New York. He has also served as a federal attorney general. He has deep experience in criminal law, including domestic violence and sexual assault, and has advised the NFL and other professional leagues about Develops and implements workplace policies, including the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. Mr. Harvey has also served as the appointed appointee at other referees.”

Harvey served as the attorney general of New Jersey from 2003-2006.

Steelers signs WR Diontae Johnson for a two-year, $36.71 million extension |

Pittsburgh Steelers and wide receiver Diontae Johnson have reached an agreement on a two-year, $36.71 million extension, NFL Network Insider Mike Garavulo reported Thursday.

Garavulo added that the extension includes a guaranteed $27 million and that Johnson will earn $19 million in the first year of the deal. The team announced later on Thursday that Johnson had signed a new three-year contract.

Johnson’s new deal pays him top 20 cash from WR on an average annual basis and still allows him to enter the free agent market again in 2025. A large number of extensions of modern top-tier receivers have been extended for three years or more.

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Sky Moore says he’s one of the Minions who picks up passes from Patrick Mahomes

After Thursday’s practice, he discussed some of the conversations that were going on around him – Starting with the hip injury he suffered During a singles match against safety rookie Nazih Johnson on Tuesday. While some blamed Johnson for his teammate’s heavy blow in practice, Moore said there was no such thing.

“I modified it a little bit,” he told reporters. “[I] She fell awkwardly. I’m cool now. It was a simple adjustment.”

The injury was still enough for the Chiefs to take him out of training that day – causing panic, as the “hip injury” looks so bad – but Moore was back on the field the next day, showing no signs of being physically limited.

Much has also been said about Moore’s background footage while camping, including some of his jet-setting sweeps. Wide said he was used to it.

“I’ve always been that kind of player,” he noted. “In the early stages of coming in, I feel like I’m always doing plane surveys. So it’s nothing new.”

But that in no way means Moore has a problem managing it. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

“I like to just get on the ball quickly,” he said. “The faster you can get the ball, the faster you can achieve something. So that’s what I love about those plays.”

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