49ers news: DL coach Chris Kokorick on Javon Kinlaw: ‘I’m really excited about what’s out there’

One of the biggest results I got during the first two weeks of boot camp was the energy that Javon Kinlaw brings to training day in and day out. The Kinlaw appears leaner, more explosive, and locked into the point where he stands out every time he takes the field.

Kinlaw’s exuberance occurs in between workouts, as much as when he’s on the field actively participating in whatever drills are taking place. Kinlaw was moving with a sense of confidence, but more importantly, joy, in a way that seemed different from years past.

Kinlaw’s defensive line coach Chris Kokorick spoke to the media on Thursday and provided a glimpse into Kinlaw’s whereabouts, both physically and mentally.

“He’s worked really hard. He’s changed his body, he’s getting thinner, his body fat is low, he’s moving really well. Now it’s just about stacking those reps, we’re starting at the lower level, as long as everything keeps on track, we’ll increase it over time, And we hope you all get to see the final product by Chicago. But I’m very excited about where it is. A big, tall, explosive player we feel can hit the line of scrimmage and be annoying”

Kocurek then touched on the difference he’s seen from the Kinlaw this year compared to last season.

He is finally in good health. He finally felt like he could get out there and be a healthy Javon Kinlaw. The past year has been a struggle, and day in and day out has been a struggle for him. It’s hard when you go out there and don’t feel like you can put yourself in a better place because you’re getting hurt. He’s been trying to fight through it, he’s part of the NFL, but he’s in a good mental shape now.

This was not an easy path to recovery, as Kinlaw had to persevere through many obstacles in his journey through rehab to get back to where he is now. Kocurek sheds some light on the kind of work ethic Kinlaw has and how dedicated he is to being the best player he can be.

I see him working constantly, week after week NFC Championship The game, where all the players go out and do their exit interviews, Javon Kinlaw has been coming back here, grinding, every day. Then we go off season, and here he’s still rocking with his teammates, and his teammates showing up again, he’s grinding with them, working with them. Then they all leave and go on summer vacation for five weeks, and Javon Kinlaw is still here. Still grinding. I get videos from Javon showing all the work he’s done, he’s put in a lot of work where he is now.

It was a gradual and systematic process to bring Kinlaw back to the level where he would be ready to be the player his talent dictated, and Kojurk stated that there would be a period when Kinlaw would eliminate the Rust. He resumes his usual football activities.

There’s going to be a process that it gets on the football side, any time you’re out for an extended period of time there’s rust that you have to get rid of. There are little things, for adults inside pillow-level things, it’s the position of the hand, it’s the backhand we’re trying to create through the hips. Not only is escaping soccer trying to slip through a gap, there are a lot of technical aspects to playing offensive soccer the way we play it. Now it’s just about getting the reps, getting rid of the rust, getting the pillow level where we want it, and leveling the posture and alignment just as we want it. Once that’s all done, the delegates piled in, and the installation all set in motion, I can’t wait to watch him play football on Sunday. It’s been a long time.

Based on Kocurek’s statements and what I saw closely with Kinlaw during camp, it’s easy to have high expectations for the kind of effect he could have on this defense if he continued in the right direction in terms of his health.

Talent has never been an issue for Kinlaw, and to give a bit of a liveance to how much potential there is, I’ll add some snippets I’ve provided to showcase the skill set he brings to the table.

It all starts with brute force. From a pure strength standpoint, the Kinlaw is in a rarity, especially when you factor in how huge he is, which is also incredible when you see the disparity in size between him and the other giant humans beside him on a football field.

Check out this fast-paced rep from Kinlaw’s first NFL game. This is the first week versus Arizona of the 2020 season, and Kinlaw will be this representative of all three styles.

You can see the explosion and blast going down, with a large hand placed on the inner shoulder of the right keeper to make way for Cardinals quarterback Keeler Murray. Pressing A-Gap from Kinlaw forces a miss and incomplete throw from Murray.

Later, in this game, Kinlaw had his power in full display, destroying right guard JR Sweezy in a violent bull run from a burdened front on the left side of the defensive line.

Kinlaw was a delegate last season during 49ersThe victory of the second week in Philadelphia that embodies his powerful and devastating force. Kinlaw lines up the three styles and deals with them professional bowl Right goalkeeper Brandon Brooks.

Kinlaw picks the long arm and is able to get Brooks back into the lap of quarterback Jalen Hurts as he fires up his football.

Hand position could be a little better, because you like to see that force driven into the shoulder gap rather than the chest plate, but again, hand position is one of the little things Kocurek mentioned that will improve with more Kinlaw reps.

With DJ Jones gone in the free agency, the 49ers will rely on Kinlaw to act as a gap-filling, human-eating force in the running game while also having the ability to wreak havoc from all three styles when teams attack the 49ers defense. through the air.

All indications are that a healthy Kinlaw plays a pivotal role on this loaded front, and has the potential to take this unit to the next level with out-of-this-world physical attributes that played a major role in his selection in the first round draft 2020. If he can stay healthy Well, the sky is the limit for him and the 49ers defense line as a whole, which boasts the deepest group they’ve had under the Kyle Shanahan regime.